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Roswell Galacticon Game Schedule
July 5th - July 7th, 2024
Roswell Convention Center -Vendor Hall


All scheduled games are FREE with your admission to Roswell Galacticon! 

    Pre-register early for scheduled games to guarantee your spot.  


We are featuring Tabletop Board and Card Games, plus Role-Playing Games (RPGs) with local Dungeon Masters (DMs) as well as games created by NM game designers. 

New this year, we have a video game booth featuring Street Fighter 6.

All players should reserve seats, in the games of their choice, from the list below. 

You may also register at the Galacticon event, if space is still available. 

There will be games set up for all ages all day long.  No experience required. 

2024 Game Schedule TBA

Gaming in Vendor Hall during public hours:

Friday, July 5th 12pm-6pm

Saturday, July 6th, 10am-6pm

Sunday, July 7th, 10am-4pm

Due to unforeseen factors – games and times are subject to change.

Friday, July 5th:

Noon                Too Many Bones with John Curtis

                           Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game with Justin Foley

                           Dungeons & Dragons 5e with Ken Bertin

                           Street Fighter 6, Open Casuals with Roy Smith   

12:30 pm          Pathfinder 1e: The Knight’s Keys ep.5, Frost Feathers with Jason Nooner

3 pm                  Party Games with John Curtis

                           Dungeons & Dragons 5e with Ken Bertin

                           Return to Dark Tower with Justin Foley

4 pm                  Taco Party! with Matt Bromley


Saturday, July 6th:

10 am               Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Temple of 1000 Swords with Matt Kaiser

                           Wonderland’s War with Justin Foley

                           Red Dragon Inn with John Curtis

11:30 am          Pathfinder 1e: The Knight’s Keys ep.6, Fire in the Night with Jason Nooner

Noon                Ark Nova with John Curtis

                          Street Fighter 6, DAY ONE Tournament Pools with Roy Smith

2 pm                 Street Fighter Exceed with Justin Foley

3 pm                 Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Play as a Dragon, White Dragon Hunt with Matt Kaiser

                          Mansion of Madness 2nd ed. with John Curtis

4 pm                 Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion with Justin Foley


Sunday, July 7th:

10 am               Pathfinder 1e: The Knight’s Keys ep.7, To Touch a Star with Jason Nooner

                          Dungeons & Dragons 5e with Alaric Williams

                          Foundations of Rome with Justin Foley

                          Lost Ruins of Arnak with John Curtis

Noon                Marvel United with John Curtis

                          Street Fighter 6, DAY TWO Tournament Finals with Roy Smith

1 pm                 Taco Party! with Matt Bromley

                          Spirit Island with Alaric Williams

                          Street Fighter Exceed with Justin Foley

                          Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Dragon Egg Heist with Matt Kaiser

2 pm                Res Arcana with John Curtis

Sponsored by Wildbird Games

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Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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