The Steampunk Ball


Due to unforeseen factors - subject to change


Dates & Location

Friday, July 5 at 9:00 pm

NEW LOCATION! Downtown adjacent to the UFO Festival!

At the Roswell Convention Center, 900 N Main Street, Roswell NM


Admission Fees

Marquis of Vaudeville playing, $20 per person.



DON'T MISS OUT on advance ticket sales for Marquis of Vaudeville returning for our 5th Annual Steampunk Ball!

Not saying it *will* sell out early ("Welllll, it might Rabbit, it might..."). But we sincerely *do* feel that the new location (Roswell Convention Center, yay!!!) this year will mean that we'll probably see much higher attendance than ever before.

So why take the chance? Support the band, the event, and reserve your tix now!

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