We love our Master Sponsors! As a super BIG thank you, you get the following!

  • Same benefits as “AGENT”, but with MORE...

  • Ultra-prominent, non-scrolling click through ad on the official Roswell Galacticon website (www.RoswellGalacticon.com) before the event and for 6 months following the event.

  • Your own individual Sponsor Board at the entrances of the Roswell Galacticon.

  • FOUR Three Day (all weekend) Pass to the Roswell Galacticon.

  • Billing on all printed collateral (such as fliers and posters). Event collateral does not include giveaways.

  • Single billing on one of our very public streetside promotional signs (set out weeks before the event throughout Roswell, Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs, and Ruidoso).

  • Continued verbal announcements of your sponsorship throughout the three day event.

  • Prominent promotional AD in the official event program.

  • Get a whole planet named after you! OK, maybe not a planet, but you WILL get Title privileges for one of the areas or celebrity guests (your choice as long as there are options). The area or event will be named after you.

  • Production services for a 30 second commercial (compliments of the Roswell SciFi Film Fest). Yes, a FREE TV COMMERCIAL!

Galacticon Master $1000